Sunday, February 13, 2011

First post

Who am I?
  • Graduate student at UC Berkeley: EECS (electrical engineering and computer science) major working specifically on cognitive radio (more on this later)
  • Born and raised in the midwest, in Oregon for high school, and now in California
  • Traveled to Europe three times, mostly in Germany and Spain
My reasons for writing:
  • I’m currently putting off doing research
  • Some friends of mine have been writing interesting blogs and it looks like fun
  • As a way to collect some of the interesting things I see on the Internet and want to share with people
What do I like?
  • The Internet: randomly browsing websites, connecting with people, and learning new facts and skills
  • The outdoors: camping, hiking, biking
  • Photography: mostly nature scenes or animals but sometimes pictures of people as well
  • Languages: English is my native language. Spanish and German are my second and third languages, respectively, and I can usually hold a reasonable conversation in either (though I’m a bit rusty — anyone want to practice?).
  • Programming: it’s just fun! C and MATLAB are my favorite languages but assembly and PHP are also enjoyable. I’ve had the most fun programming a microprocessor for senior design and coding for my current research project.
What’s this blog going to be about?
I’m not sure, but here are some things that might end up in future posts:
  • Cool MATLAB functions
  • Random links to neat stuff I found on the Internet
  • Pictures I’ve taken
  • Research ramblings

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