Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Use git from Matlab

For those of you who are fans of both Matlab and git, you'll really like the following project: (Matlab File Exchange page:

Simply put git.m somewhere in your path and now you can use standard git commands (e.g. status, commit, pull, push) right from the Matlab terminal. I have personally found this quite handy.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Latest Java update (1.6.0_51 released on June 19, 2013) breaks Matlab

Today I updated Java on my Mac (running OS 10.8) to 1.6.0_51 which unfortunately broke my Matlab (R2010b) installation: I could open the application but I couldn't interact with the GUI in any way. It seems many other people have had this issue and I wanted to endorse the solution I used:
I found this workaround, should work until Apple/Mathworks issues a patch: 
Download the Apple Java SE 2013-003 update (no longer on the Apple website but I found this link:
Then download and install Pacifist 
Use Pacifist to open the Apple Java package and install using the install option of Pacifist. 
Your Java SE should be downgraded to where it was prior to applying the 2013-004 patch. This worked for me, matlab is functional again. 

If you find this useful, please visit the source link and upvote Julien's answer.

For anyone who's curious or concerned, Pacifist is just a shareware (free trial) tool to let you install older versions of applications, bypassing any "safeguards" Mac OS has in place. The whole process was simple, easy, and much faster than Googling for other options (which I also did).